Learn about the daily job duties, required skills, and common qualifications to become a data analyst in Australia. Discover information on salary potential, average weekly hours, and the largest regions or industries for employment. Overview Data analysts gather statistical information on a specific topic, then organise and assess this data to construct meaningful conclusions. Much […]


Discover the skills, day-to-day responsibilities, and required qualifications to become a data scientist in Australia. Explore statistics on salary potential, weekly hours, and the biggest regions or industries for employment. Overview Data scientists are responsible for gathering data sets and assessing them for any apparent trends or patterns. Analytical conclusions or actionable insights are then […]

Business Analyst

Discover the everyday job duties, desired skills, and required qualifications to pursue the career of a business analyst. Explore statistics on salary potential, employment growth, and the largest regions or industries for job opportunity. Overview Business analysts are responsible for examining the internal operations and processes of an organisation, creating strategies and solutions for improving […]

Network Support Professional

Discover the daily duties, required skills, and salary potential of working in ICT network support. Learn about industry growth and educational requirements, along with the best fields for employment opportunity. Overview ICT professionals working in network support offer technical assistance on computer network-related issues. Their main duties involve keeping a business’ network systems safe and […]

Ethical Hacker

Discover the educational and skills requirements to becoming an ethical (or “white hat”) hacker. Learn about salary potential, future industry growth, and main areas of employment. Overview Using the same tactics and tools as malicious hackers (or “black hat” hackers), “ethical” hackers break into a business’ network systems, pinpointing its vulnerabilities and weaknesses in order […]

ICT Support Officer

Discover the education and skills requirements to pursue a career as an ICT support officer. Learn about industry growth, salary potential, and employment opportunities within Australia. Overview ICT support officers assist with the installation, operation, management, and maintenance of a business’ ICT systems – including computers, software, and communication and network technologies. They perform front-line […]

Penetration Tester

Learn about the daily duties and required skills of penetration testers. Discover information on industry growth, salary range, and employment opportunities. Overview Penetration testers fall under the category of “ethical hackers”. In contrast to the latter’s broad spectrum of tasks, however, penetration testers are focused on assessing the security measures of a specific area in […]

ICT Systems Manager

Explore the required skills and education to pursue the role of an ICT systems manager. Learn about industry growth, employment opportunities, and salary potential. Overview ICT systems managers perform the necessary tasks to design, modify, support, and maintain a business’ IT networks and software. They ensure all infrastructures are fully functional and up-to-date, and that […]

ICT Project Manager

Find out what it takes to pursue the role of an ICT project manager. Explore industry statistics, salary potential, and the daily duties of the job. Overview ICT project managers are in charge of planning, organising, and coordinating ICT-related projects. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of meeting project goals; such as resourcing, scheduling, […]

Cyber Security analyst

Explore the skills and education requirements for a rewarding career as a cyber security analyst. Discover industry statistics on employment, salary potential, and weekly job hours. Overview Cyber Security analysts (also known as “information security analysts”) provide businesses with solutions on improving their ICT security. Their general duties include research on the latest security trends, […]