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IT Support

IT support encompasses all areas of ICT-related maintenance and user assistance, these including (but are not limited to): computer and network installation; troubleshooting; service upgrades; and providing client or user advice. They play a critical role in a business’ IT team, ensuring everything runs smoothly and at optimum performance. Depending on one’s position, an IT support specialist may also likely spend much of their time communicating with clients or customers, offering assistance regarding the use, maintenance, or potential issues of their company product or service.

AIICT’s ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support) provides foundational training in the field of basic IT support. With a focus on systems administration, you’ll equip yourself with broad ICT skills in hardware, software, and network management; tech maintenance; troubleshooting; and project support. The course also explores in-demand areas such as cyber security and general programming, helping set the foundation for potential opportunities in these sectors.


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A huge thanks to  AIICT and trainer Dan who have supported me through the first half of my course. The professional and patient ongoing support, as well as the flexible learning terms has enabled me to manage work and home life while expanding my future career opportunities.
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AIICT currently offers two courses dealing with IT support-related skills:

ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology

ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support)

Both comprise nationally-recognised qualifications, helping verify your skills for the job market while drawing the attention of potential employers.

Our ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology offers a more general overview of common ICT systems and practices, such as the ability to configure networks and provide basic cyber security. However, the course also focuses on the essentials of client support, helping build the fundamental knowledge you need to pursue our ICT40120 – Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support). Through this course, you’ll hone your expertise in ICT maintenance and user assistance, building your skills in troubleshooting/fault-finding, managing user environments, and cyber security.

Through our flexible online delivery, you’ll be able to train at a time, place, and pace that suits you and your study needs best. Our online learning environment also provides the tools to network with other like-minded professionals in your course, as well as keep in regular contact with your trainers. Additionally, graduates will be granted access into our Industry Partner Program – a membership that offers career mentoring and helps link you to prospective employers as you build your opportunities in this industry.

AIICT’s IT support courses will explore all the essentials of providing ICT-related client assistance, including:

  • Providing first-level, remote help desk support

  • Troubleshooting IT equipment, hardware, and software

  • Identifying and reporting online security threats

  • Troubleshooting applications and OS users

  • Server/network installation, management, and maintenance

Additionally, you’ll explore other specialised areas of cyber security and networking. The potential skills you’ll build may include:

  • Network systems administration

  • Introductory programming

  • Cyber security risk management

  • Developing simple web pages

The field of IT support is dedicated to providing a company’s users, clients, and/or customers with the assistance they need to effectively use, manage, and maintain their ICT hardware and software. Those in this profession will typically spend their time answering inquiries and support requests over the phone, through e-mails, or via instant messaging, helping diagnose and resolve technical problems. They may then compile reports about these issues for business review.

On top of remote assistance, IT support specialists may also help in physically installing and configuring a company’s hardware, software, network systems, and peripheral equipment (i.e. printers and scanners). They may also be responsible for repairing and upgrading technology as necessary, as well testing any new equipment introduced. Plenty of IT support professionals also perform regular maintenance of computer systems by monitoring their performance and assessing any potential risks or vulnerabilities.

Depending on your role in the industry, you may also be tasked with training company staff to properly use the IT tools and systems at their disposal. The sector is thus heavily client-facing, relying on workers having excellent customer service skills.

Plenty of workers in the IT support field carry a vocational education and training (VET) qualification. According to Labour Market Insights, 32.4% hold either a Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma qualification. Pursuing such training is often recommended for this field, as it equips you with the essentials in IT management and client support while verifying your skills as “industry standard” for the job market.

Additionally, VET qualifications are typically highly flexible and are completed in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional degrees – quickly arming you with the job-ready skills you need to start pursuing job opportunities. AIICT is an example of training provider that offers such credentials through flexible online courses.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are also available in this field, allowing you to train on-the-job towards a qualification. Such pathways are also favoured for their ability to offer formal training while giving you a first-hand look into the actual industry and work environment.

IT Support in TechTalk

Why Study IT Support?

There’s never been a better time to be a tech specialist, as Australia’s industries venture further into an era of digital transformation. Technologies are now reshaping traditional jobs or replacing them altogether – with completely new career paths now being formed (i.e. cyber security, cloud computing, data analytics).

With technology now a staple in our everyday lives, IT support specialists have consistently experienced high demand, and are bound to see further employment growth in the years to come. The sector also offers plenty of opportunities for career progression, with workers able to build plenty of practical, fundamental tech skills applicable to other roles in the ICT industry. You’ll not only expand on your soft skills (i.e. communication, multi-tasking, and critical thinking), but also your essential IT knowledge and technical abilities.

As IT continues to change the face of Australian business, professionals with the skills to set up, manage, and maintain these new tools and technologies will stay in ever-growing demand. Studying IT support can thus bode plenty of employment opportunity and build pathways toward higher-level specialisations. According to the Labour of Market Insights, ICT support specialists are expected to see a sharp growth of 17.4% in the years to 2026 (about 24,900 workers). The average salary currently sits at $59,354 AUD per year (according to Payscale), though earnings can greatly increase as one’s experience grows – with the highest earners receiving around $74,000 annually.

There is also plenty of full-time work available, with around 83% of qualified IT support professionals working full-time positions.

Additionally, the general IT knowledge and skills you build through IT support training can help “future-proof” your career in Australia’s increasingly digital landscape. Statistics show that 87% of the country’s jobs now require digital literacy skills, particularly after the impacts of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. With a basic knowledge of cyber security, network management, and general tech maintenance, you’ll not only grant yourself a more competitive skillset for today’s job market – but an increasingly mandatory one, at that.

The skills you build are also easily transferrable to other roles and specialties in IT, including jobs in cyber security, computer networking, and cloud computing. An IT support job can be a great starting point for further, higher-paying, and higher-skilled pathways in the industry; helping set the stage for even more rewarding ICT careers.

If you’re seeking broader, more entry-level training in general IT skills; AIICT also offers a ICT30120 – Certificate III in Information Technology, offering you an introductory look into client support and basic IT administration. Those who complete this course may then go on to pursue our Certificate IV program, or our other advanced training programs in varying ICT specialties.

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