Certified Microsoft Full Stack Developer

    24th May 2021
    4 - 6 months course
    Microsoft Full Stack, DevOps, Agile
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    100% online learning
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Everything you need to launch your IT career and develop your technical problem-solving skills.

Launch your career in Software Development

Our Certified Microsoft Full Stack Developer course is a foundation-level learning path opening you up to a world of career opportunities and it has been designed for aspiring software and application developers. The inclusion of DevOps adoption in this course will align your skillset with the majority of professional developers and ensure you can work seamlessly to deliver software faster and more reliably. As you progress through the course, you will be able to apply your learning through hands-on labs to simulate a real-world experience allowing you to test some of the most widely used platforms. Join us for the next step in your Full Stack Development journey!


Study your way, wherever you are. If you have a working computer with internet connection, you have a classroom.
On course completion, we’ll connect you with potential employers via our Industry Partner Program.
Build real-world applications and try new technologies with instructor-led video tutorial and in-browser coding challenges.

Career opportunities

.NET Full Stack Programmer

A .NET full stack programmer is responsible for creating, managing, and modifying both the back-end and front-end elements of an application. While the back-end aspects of a program focus on its frameworks, databases, and server management; the front end encompasses everything the end-user sees – from its user interface to its interactive functionalities.

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Automation Engineer

Automation engineers are tasked with ensuring a business’ automated processes are built, maintained, and performing as necessary. They may be tasked with identifying new business opportunities for automation or develop automated solutions according to client or company needs. Once an automated process is developed, these experts may then run tests across network, systems, databases, and software to ensure optimal, error-free performance.

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Software Developer (Front and Back-End)

Software developers are comprised of three main sub-specialties: front end, back end, and full stack. Front end software developers are responsible for building the user-facing elements of a program or website, back end software developers focus on the server-side of programs and websites and full-stack developers combine both skills, tending to do both the client-side (front end) and server-side (back end) of applications.

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DevOps Engineer

DevOps, a term combining “development and operations”, is a software development strategy that aims to merge the processes between software development and IT operations. The desired outcome is a more agile, collaborative work relationship between the two teams, allowing companies to release regular product updates at a faster rate than those using the traditional “waterfall” development method. DevOps engineers thus perform as “middle-men” between these departments, ensuring product updates are worked on and released as efficiently and productively as possible. Much of their role involves working with software developers, system admins and operations staff to facilitate, maintain, and improve this development process.


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IT Application Developer

Application developers will analyse a client’s needs on a project to map out the required specifications for a prospective app. Their process will then involve building and programming the app, troubleshooting the app for errors, and making any modifications to related programs if necessary. The final stage may also include creating documentation for future reference, and further changes or repairs may take place to improve app performance.

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