Web Application Developer

Dive into the day-to-day responsibilities and required skills of a web application developer. Learn about industry growth, employment opportunity, and salary potential for those in Australia. Overview Web application developers are manage, maintain, and design all elements of a web application. This involves both the appearance of a website, along with technical aspects such as […]

ICT Systems Administrator

Learn about the key skills and education required to pursue a career in ICT systems administration. Explore Australian statistics on industry growth, salary potential, and employment opportunities across the country. Overview ICT systems administrators are responsible for the maintenance and management of a company’s computer systems; ensuring all elements are operating reliably. These include computer […]

Front-End Developer

Discover the daily job duties, required skills, and common qualifications to become a front-end web developer in Australia. Explore statistics on the profession including salary potential, weekly hours, and main industries of employment. Overview Front-end web developers are responsible for designing and implementing the visual elements that users view and interact with on a website […]


Explore the requirements to pursue a programming career in Australia’s ICT industry. Learn about their daily job duties, salary potential, and key skills required. Overview Programmers design, write, test, and maintain program code in accordance to system needs and user specifications. In addition to developing code, they further examine their applications for bugs, errors or […]

Database Administrator

Discover the educational and skill requirements to pursue a career in database administration. Explore employment statistics, salary potential, and typical duties associated with the job. Overview Database administrators are tasked with designing, developing, and managing the database management systems of businesses, ensuring all are working at optimum performance. They typically plan and maintain database architecture […]

Project Manager

Discover what it takes to become a successful project manager – both in general and ICT-specific fields. Explore current statistics on salary, industry growth, key skills and daily job responsibilities. Overview Project managers are responsible for supervising large company assignments, ensuring operations run smoothly and on-track throughout each stage of the process. Their key duties […]

IT Manager

Explore the requirements of an effective IT manager. Learn about key skills, job responsibilities, and information on salary, industry growth, and main industries of employment. Overview IT managers oversee the planning, maintenance, and development of computer and telecommunications systems in their organisation. They’re responsible for devising ICT-based policies and strategies, ensuring optimum security of systems […]