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What to look for in a cyber security course online

Cybercrime continues to soar, costing Australia over $15 billion each year. Between 2018 to 2019 alone, companies recorded a cumulative amount of 9.2 million malware detections – with ransomware topping the five most prevalent threats alongside viruses, adware, phishing e-mails, and spyware. Investments in all types of high-grade, reliable software such as VPN services, firewall, […]

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What you’ll need to take Information Technology courses online

It’s no surprise that eLearning’s on an uphill trend; with Australia’s edtech industry set to grow to $1.7 billion AUD by 2022. As the popularity of online learning continues to highlight its massive economic, educational and environmental benefits, students are turning to such platforms more than ever. Of course, with ICT among the nation’s leading […]

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