IT careers

Learn to do cyber security like a professional

Cyber Security has risen to staggering prominence in Australia’s IT field; earning the economy an annual revenue of $2.2 billion – a number that’s set to triple in the coming years to 2026. Our external spending is even higher, hitting nearly $4 billion in 2019 alone. The industry’s rapid expansion has placed professionals in high […]

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How security knowledge and skills enhance IT careers

The internet has become an essential ingredient to everyday life, with eight in 10 Australians exhibiting daily online activity. This public interconnectedness often involves sharing our personal data – whether through private e-mails with a colleague or completing your latest purchase on Amazon. Though we revel in these conveniences, exposing our private information leaves it […]

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Top 5 Careers to Pursue with an ICT Diploma

Australia’s Information and Communications industry continues to be one of the nation’s leading fields, expected to rake in $139 billion by 2020 (and comprising 7% of the country’s total GDP). Employment hit an all-time high in 2018, with a total of 247,600 ICT workers – projected to only further expand until 2023. To top it […]

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